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A fully insured IT Service Company.

We specialize in the design and maintenance of computer systems, network and security needs.

We will cater to your company’s networking and security. Our security services will provide you with true peace of mind by keeping hackers and identity thieves from infiltrating your network and compromising your secure information. We will assess the network and security requirements for your home and business and help you develop a secure network operation.



For Emergency Services or Consultation Call 1 (770) 564-0497


Computer Network and Security Services for Home and Business.

 Your business and client data is extremely important. We offer the solutions to keep your business compliant and secure.  Please view the list of services that we offer.  For pricing or consultation please contact us at 770-564-0497.

Managed Network Services

Giving you less network downtime, faster application deployment and the ability to keep your network operations team more efficient.

Network Consulting

Before planning your next network structure, contact us for a consultation.  Network solutions can become pricey, so get the expert advice you need today.

Network Integration

Want more availability, reliability, performance and security? We can help you with integrating a reliable and fast network for your business.

Network Security

Protect your business from hackers and save your company the expense of legal fees by investing in your Network Security.  Legal counsel never awards the company with lack of a good Hardware Firewall. Implement your business security with ASAPTKS today.


Need Surveillance for Your Home or Business?

We provide homes and businesses the latest surveillance technology and communications.

We are able to secure buildings, facilities, offices, property, equipment and assets.

Our  security camera systems allow you to keep watch over your home, business, employees and clients.

Naturally, the inherent fear and embarrassment of being caught on camera will prevent people from engaging in criminal activities. Hence, fake security cameras exploits the inherent fear of detection and knowledge of resulting embarrassments if detected.

Let us speak with you about you security and surveillance needs before any crime occurs.  Call us at 770-564-0497.


Reliable Hosting Solutions for Company Websites.

We Provide Business Website Hosting Services starting at $199 a year, including a free domain for a year.

Contact Us Now at 770-564-0497

Website Hosting by ASAPTKS will start your business on the right path.  Start with a trusted company as your web hosting provider. We have website hosting plans that include the vital tools you’ll need to get your business online.

After choosing your hosting company your options are unlimited.

Once you get your hosting:

  • Get a dedicated web hosting server with ASAPTKS

  • Create your website.

  • Setup your online store.

  • Configure the mobile web page.

  • Use search engine and social marketing tools to get searched online.


Onsite Repair Services for Home and Business.

Are you under a tight deadline and you cannot afford a technical mishap on your computer or server equipment?

Computer Repair issues can strike at any time and cause a major headache and inconvenience. That’s where ASAPTKS On Site Services comes in handy. Our experienced staff provides repairs onsite, as well as phone technical support for existing customers.

For repair services or maintenance contact us at 770-564-0497.


$199 a Year

Domain Free for 1 Year
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